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Knee and Shoulder Injury Treatment

Custom Bracing and Orthotics

Braces are devices worn externally on the body to assist with the stability of a joint or reduce the physical stresses which the individual’s environment can sometimes place on their body.

Generally, braces can fall into one of two categories:

Custom Made Braces: This type of brace involves taking specific measurements of the client, and fabricating a brace which fits that client specifically. Usually because of the nature of their fabrication, there is a higher cost associated with custom made braces.

Over The Counter Braces: This type of brace is usually mass produced by a manufacturing company in various common size ranges (small, medium, large, etc). Fitting one of these braces is usually quite simple, and the cost can be significantly less than a custom made device. However, the fit and function is not as precise (usually) as a custom made brace.
Panther Sports Medicine can supply both types of braces to their patients, depending on the needs as assessed by their Physiotherapist.

Over The Counter  knee braces available at the Calgary Knee and Shoulder Clinic include:

  • Knee (Hinge) Braces
  • Patella Stabilizers